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Doug's Work - Brand Trademark

Amateur smartphone snapshot photography and imagery, as well as a few illustrations, and font designs by artist and designer Doug Peters.

Doug's Work Website Design Resources & Credits

This website was created thanks to the following resources and assistance...


  • Web Design and Development group (WDaDg)
    Thanks to a community of online web design and development pros and students. This group has communities available at Google Groups, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter to assist you with design/development questions and issues.
  • Doug Peters
    Well yeah, me.  I just wanted to link to my older portfolio that offers more information about me and what I offer.  ;)
  • Salamander Design
    The official web design agency behind the design of this website, plugged because it's mine. You got me, another self-promo plug.
  • Domainance
    Domain name registrar of choice (a PayPal online shop from Symbiotic Design).
  • HD Web Hosting
    Our web hosting account source (a Symbiotic Design hostmaster solution).


  • Adobe Photoshop
    Used in creating the original vector based logo, to clean-up various photos when required, and for resizing media. 
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
    For individual HTML & CSS code bits.
  • Fly Media's 'Mobirise' Website Builder
    Bootstrap based "mobile-first" responsive design centric WYSIWYG drag n' drop website design software. 
  • NoteTab Pro
    Notes and for copying, pasting, correcting or tailoring bits of code from various online resources.

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