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Amateur smartphone snapshot photography of the Big Sioux River, the falls and wildlife imagery found in the parks, by artist and designer Doug Peters.

Bike Trail Photo Journal

Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department has a network of trails along the Big Sioux River (and the spillway) that encircles the heart of our small city (or large town). This is the 'Greenway' which follows the river and connects city parks. I ride these trails on my bicycle and enjoy the exercise, but the main reason I do it is because I enjoy photographing the wildlife and scenery in the parks with my smartphone. So I decided to create this bike journal to show my snapshots to the world.

Unfortunately, it looks like I have to find a better gallery system where I can display all my photos, as the software I have seems to take forever to setup, and consumes way too much of my time. Since this is a free website, I simply don't have the time to devote to it. But if I can find something quick and easy, I'll update to that as soon as possible.

For now, I will simply add pages and use this one as an index.

Please be aware that all of the photos in the above slideshow presentation and found anywhere on this website are Copyright Doug Peters, and all rights are reserved worldwide, unless otherwise accredited (I do contribute to certain Royalty-Free Stock photo repositories, those photos will be marked and credited).

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