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Doug's Work - Brand Trademark

Amateur smartphone snapshot photography and imagery, as well as a few illustrations, and font designs by artist and designer Doug Peters.

Welcome to "Doug's Work"

Posted by Doug Peters on March 7th, 2017.

Hello, welcome, I'm very glad you made it here.  This site is supposed to be a collection of my own photography taken while I bike along the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation trail network that runs throughout the city (usually along the Big Sioux River).  Please respect that although these are amateur snapshot photographs taken with a smartphone, they are all Copyight myself, Doug Peters, and all rights to these photos are reserved worldwide.

I started working on this website way back in August of 2016.  I made notes on it, like, "On August 19th, 2016, I will upgrade my Galaxy Note 2 to a Note 7, and from there the snapshots will get better, but I did capture some good shots on my Note 2."  The Note 2 is, of course, the phone that I upgraded from.

I did upgrade my Note 2 phone to a Note 7, but because of the "exploding Note7" issue, where some of the phones were known to simply catch fire for no real good reason, after recalling the Phone twice, Samsung abandoned the platform.  It wasn't a very good platform anyway, because the Note 7 came with curved edges by default and there was no way to opt-out, while those very curved edges were an obstacle for the creativity and note-taking, which was the whole point the Note platform in the first place.

Because of the crap I have had to put up with from Samsung, I switched over and grabbed the Google Pixel.  Unfortunately, my Note 2 crapped-out immediately after pre-ordering the Note 7, and then the Pixel was a pre-order as well.  So, I have taken a few photos with the used Samsung Note 3 that I grabbed until I could get the Pixel.

Right now, I am trying top get my old snapshots up and online.  Then, I'll start taking and uploading photos I take with my Pixel XL.  

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